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28 February 2008 @ 11:49 pm

Currently, we are only looking for CANON CHARACTERS. As the RPG progresses, however, this may change.

Please fill out this application fully and post it as a comment on this entry. A mod will get to it ASAP. Thanks!
xnotxanxangelx on March 3rd, 2008 09:04 pm (UTC)
Hikaru Application Part I
OOC Info
Name: Beth
Contact Info: AIM: GothPoetGirl
Other Info:Email- Devil_Angel_1031(a)hotmail.com

IC Info
Character Name: Hitachiin Hikaru
Age: 16

Appearance: Hikaru is about 5’9’’, perhaps 5’10’’, with a slender lean frame. His eyes are the color of amber and always seem to be aglow with mischief. His face tends to be caught in some of the most over-the-top expressions as he takes everything above and beyond the bounds of normal. His orange hair is left in a messy, “I-just-rolled-from-bed-like-this” fashion. He tends to part this seemingly messy mop to the right, rather than the left like his brother does. His clothes are always in the best of taste and the latest fashion. He and Kaoru tend to match or at the very least have on one article of clothing that is the same, in some ways this can be viewed as an outward manifest of their bond. When not in the school’s uniform he still tends to wear more blue than any other color as it’s some thing like his signature color. He has been known to dye his hair outrageous colors and even go so far as to cross dress. All of which were done when he was a child, because a Club theme called for it, or when he fought with Kaoru

Personality: Hikaru is the eldest of the two twins and this of course makes him very protective of Kaoru, as well as anyone else he becomes close to. As twins they have become extremely reliant on one another coming to see the world around them in terms as “Us’ / “We” and then them and Outsiders. Of the twins, it is Hikaru who is something like the leader, scheming and cooking up their next bit of trouble. He tends to be ruled by emotions and quite passionate.

He often speaks, blunt and harsh, without thinking when jealous or hurt. He tends to avoid attaching himself emotionally as many people view the twins as part of a set, or can’t and won’t try to actually tell the two of them apart. He tends to depend on Kaoru to balance himself out as Kaoru, while the younger of the two, is far more mature and emotionally balanced and stable.

Together the twins are known as the “little devil type.” Though Hikaru is more of the devil of the two while Kaoru is the lesser of the two evils. From playing pranks, staging fights with Kaoru, to manipulating events to get his way.
xnotxanxangelx on March 3rd, 2008 09:06 pm (UTC)
Hikaru Application Part II
Third-Person Sample:He stood behind his brother now, a strawberry covered and chocolate and whipped cream in hand. His other hand over his eyes. He was leaned in close speaking heatedly against his ear. "Open your mouth for me, Kaoru. I have something sweet for you." But even now he was wondering how much of their play was actually "play." He had a feeling that some place along the line it crossed a line. The first time he thought of this was when Kaoru had seemed to get sad when he went alone with Haruhi on a date.

Kaoru's lips parted as his pale eyes slid shut. He so loved this...the soft, heated breath of his twin against his throat. He even tilted his head back a bit, to make it easier for his brother to feed him.

He grinned and slid the fruit between his brother’s lips into his mouth just enough so that the covered part would be in his mouth. "Now bite." He instructed sweetly moving to lick at his cheek gently. He loved the way Kaoru looked when he was like this. His brother wouldn't know it but he'd placed them here just so he could see the reflection of how he looked right now against him. "I told you it was sweet just like you." All of it was scripted and rehearsed every word every expression, but how much of it was truth? It was a little close to home at least for Hikaru.

Kaoru moaned softly as he took the bite gold eyes sliding open as he smiled at his brother. Sweet god he was just- No, would not do to think such things. Oh but he wanted to. He wanted away from the girls though. every time one of them fawned over Hikaru he wanted to cry, each of them was a distraction form his brother's attentions.

He smiled a little at him, he liked those eyes on him but he could tell some thing was wrong. He leaned forward framing his face in his hands closing his eyes his forehead against Kaoru's. "Why do you look so sad, Kaoru?" He tried to keep his voice quiet so they wouldn't be heard for once he wanted no longed to pull his twin into a silent room and just- but that wouldn't do not with him looking as upset as he was.

"...I think I am getting a headache, Hikaru." he said softly, wanting AWAY from the girls- just away and alone with his brother. He was beginning to dislike the girls... jealousy was an ugly thing and for a twin to have it? It was even worse.

He tossed the untouched part of the strawberry into the trash and passed his finger over his forehead. He felt a little warm but then again Kaoru was always warm, soft and… He clamped his mind off and frowned, his eyes searching his brother’s face. "I'll make sure you make it up to our room and help you get comfortable." He spoke softly. Again giggles nose nosebleeds from the girls he'd long forgot were watching. Kaoru was unwell that was all he care about. Gently, protectively, he slipped an arm around his brother's shoulders and guided him out of the music room into the silent halls and to their room. He was quiet the whole walk, trying to think of ways to help Kaoru. He didn't like to see his brother in pain.

Journal Entry Sample:Kaoru wasn’t feeling well today, so we left the club early. I’m certain that Kyouya and the others will understand. Kaoru is, important. Much more than any girl ever has been. I couldn’t sit there and watch him suffer just for sake of amusing some giggling girls. Those giggling girls wouldn’t have realized anything was wrong with Kaoru. Just like they aren’t ever able to tell us apart when we play or game. I bet they wouldn’t be able to do it if we didn’t call each other by our named for a while either. I have put him to bed and given him something for his headache. I think I’ll go curl up with him. It will be a comfort for both of us.
Jenna: Haruhichocobit on March 3rd, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Hikaru Application Part II
*too lazy to log into her other journal xD*

Accepted! I take it this is gonna be Hikaru's journal then?
xnotxanxangelx on March 3rd, 2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Hikaru Application Part II
Yes, ma'am!
naturalharuhi on March 3rd, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Hikaru Application Part II
Accepted! Go ahead and request membership and I'll update the lists! <3
lee: Ouran - haruhi is truly disturbedfarda on March 8th, 2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
Kaoru App Part 1
OOC Info
Name: Ana
Contact Info: AIM - closet murder OR EvytheEvil
MSN - damselinthedesert@hotmail.com
Email - chim_chim_katz@yahoo.com
YIM - normnomore (not usually on)
Other Info: My timezone is GMT+2 as I live in Egypt, so that's 8 hours ahead of the east coast of the USA and it has a tendency to screw with my online hours. You can usually reach me very easily by email though, I check my email obsessively.

IC Info
Character Name: Hitachiin Kaoru, Kao-chan!
Age: 16

Appearance: Kaoru has auburn hair, more orangey, which is parted to the right (his right, our left), usually the only way anyone can tell him apart from Hikaru (and even then people sometimes get it wrong), and it's styled in an attractively semi-messy fashion. His eyes are a golden-amber color and though they may appear somewhat cold or distant to those that are not close, as close as you can be where the twins are concerned, they are usually smiling or looking amused when he’s with his friends. He’s around 5’9”, possibly 5’10” with the way the manga is going, and is altogether a slender boy. As his mother specializes in clothing design, he seems to always have the best and most fashionable of clothing. Simply as a personal preference, Kaoru usually wears orange clothing and accessories when dressed casually, and the twins' outfits somehow manage to coordinate.
He's also been known to cross dress at times and to dye his hair blue, both when he was a child, due to Host Club themes, and when he was staging a fight with Hikaru.

Personality: Though both of the twins are extremely dependent on each other, Kaoru realizes that it's not so healthy for them to be so co-dependent on the other, and when Hikaru really doesn't seem to need him, he'll go do something else. While Hikaru is usually the leader of their endeavors, Haruhi once pointed out that the ‘true evil’ lay in Kaoru, meaning that he probably has a tendency to think, be the plotter, of things, rather than actually putting them into action.

Kaoru is much more welcoming towards new and different situations, not really afraid of them injuring the bond between him and his twin – because that bond is the most important – and knowing that it would be good for them to broaden their horizons.

The younger twin, by three minutes, he tends to be the more mature and rational twin. He’s not so ridiculously temper mental as his brother is, and tends to be more thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings, even if he doesn’t like them so much. Many people in fandom consider him to be the selfless one, as if the twins both want the same thing and there’s only one of that thing, Kaoru will not hesitate to step back and let his brother have it. He refuses to try to compete with his brother directly or behind his back, even if he is the sneakier of the two.
lee: Zack & Cloud - let's play telephonefarda on March 8th, 2008 03:26 pm (UTC)
Kaoru App Part 2
Third-Person Sample: “No, I’m sorry, Hikaru, you just need to leave me alone for a while.” Kaoru turned to give his older brother a slightly withering look before turning back around to his blank canvas, a paintbrush hanging precariously from his fingertips. This was the hardest part, having to destroy the white, and the most daunting part. And as much as Kaoru loved art and his art class, it was always harder to concentrate with Hikaru there. His older twin would always hang on him, waste his paint mixing random colors that would never get used, or just get prissy when Kaoru didn’t pay attention to him. As much as he loved his brother, more than anything in the world, there were times when Kaoru just needed to be alone.

With a snort, he ignored his brothers taunting comment, gold eyes glued to the canvas, jumping a bit as the door slammed behind Hikaru. Now he could concentrate, finally, alone in their room at home, the canvas propped up on their shared bed, leaning back across the window. A light sigh left Kaoru’s lips and he frowned, rolling his eyes. Even without Hikaru bothering him, he couldn’t think of anything to paint. Although the project wasn’t due for another week, Kaoru had decided to get a head start on it, before Host Club duties and other things caught up with him, as they always did.

Just do it, quick, Kaoru, you can do it. Almost holding his breath, he moved quickly before he regretted it, jabbing his brush in the well of light blue paint and spreading it in a wide stroke across the top of the canvas. Movement outside, downstairs in the open courtyard, caught his eye and he turned his head slightly. Hikaru. Hikaru was down there, sitting cross-legged on the fountain, looking bored out of his skull. Kaoru had to hold down a smile, looking away quickly as his brother suddenly glanced upwards, gold and gold connecting for a split second before the thread snapped. Ok. He could do this.

Ditching the paintbrush, he picked up a pencil lying on the windowsill, quickly beginning a sketch, long strokes of the pencil slowly taking the form of a figure sitting on the edge of a fountain. Glancing up, taking one last long look to fix the image in his mind, he chuckled and continued sketching. He knew Hikaru would forgive him after this.

Journal Entry Sample: Mama needs models for her new line! We, well, Hikaru, told her to go get professional models, but I thought we could do it~!

After all, we are terribly handsome men (and a terribly beautiful woman), aren’t we? Whether you want to or not, mama already said we could, she thinks it’d be a great and lovely idea. Kyouya~! We could always sell the pictures from the shoot, neh?

Let me know~~~
Kyuubigamikyuubigami on August 4th, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
Mori App
OOC Info

Contact Info:
AIM - AngelDesolation
MSN - kyuubigami@hotmail.com
Email - syuichiroho@aol.com

Other Info:
I work on the night shift on the west coast of Oregon, so I'm kinda hard to get a hold of, but I check email and messages everyday.

IC Info
Character Name:
Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi


Mori has black, messy hair and dark eyes. He's 6'4" and easily towers the other club members. He almost always looks distant and serious, and his emotions are hard for others to read as he has learned to control his display of emotions.

Like Kyoya says "His taciturnity is his selling point". He is labeled the "Wild" type host despite being a quiet and fairly reserved individual. He takes orders quite seriously and literally. He's very obedient and subservient, especially toward Hani. He's incredibly protective of all that he is close to, and will punish himself severely if he believes he has wronged someone. He has a deep understanding and view of right and wrong. He is very bad at jokes, and more often than not goes along with the flow. He also tends to be very observant.

Third-Person Sample:
Mori hummed softly in agreement as Hani continued to chatter, his mouth stuffed with cake as always. The taller teen wasn't really paying attention at the moment as Hani wasn't asking for anything, but he still kept an ear out for any small request. Other than that he was mostly just there so that it didn't look like Hani was talking to himself.

He was used to this after all.

A couple girls nearby were cooing over Hani, though one did look at him rather bashfully. He smiled softly at her before looking back at Hani, noting with no small amount of inward pride that the girl nearly swooned.

His eyes cast over the rest of the group as he nodded absently in Hani's direction. He took quick note of what the others were doing before blinking and turning back to Hani.

"Takashi...I ran out of tea." The tiny blond was becoming teary eyed.

"Un." Mori moved away for a moment, only to return a few moments later with the requested tea.

Journal Entry Sample:
Today was fairly quiet.

Tamaki wanted to try a new costume, something religious. I'm not sure Haruhi is looking forward to dressing up as a miko. Mitsukuni seems to think it'll be one of the best ones suited to her. Maybe.

I get to be a priest. I hope the robe won't be too drafty.
wevchykee7 on February 16th, 2013 09:19 pm (UTC)
locals looking to meet Go Here dld.bz/chwZJ